Arbonne Essentials Energy Fizz Sticks

Updated May 23, 2019.
Published May 12, 2019.

Arbonne Essentials Energy Fizz Sticks is an energy drink in stick form that you just add to water, and are designed to pep you up when your energy levels are flagging. This supplement claims to increase alertness and help you get through the day, with the drink being described as a refreshing and bubbly.

We investigate whether Energy Fizz Sticks from the MLM company, Arbonne, can live up to its claims.


  • Available in a choice of flour flavours
  • Contains vitamins and minerals
  • Unlikely to cause side effects


  • Very expensive
  • No independent customer feedback
  • No money-back guarantee
Arbonne Essentials Energy Fizz Sticks
Arbonne Essentials Energy Fizz Sticks are conveniently packaged energy drinks in stick form that you just break open, add to water, and drink. According to the advertising, this drink supplement is best used as a kickstarter replacement for your morning coffee, or as an energy boost in the afternoon. So, is it worth a try? We find out.

Arbonne is a well known Direct Marketing company, sometimes called Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) that specialises in botanical products. Arbonne operates in the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Poland, and New Zealand. There are some product differences between countries, and Arbonne Essentials seems to be a separate category of Arbonne products in the Nutrition range.

Arbonne Essentials Energy Fizz Sticks Overview

What you need to know about Arbonne Essentials Energy Fizz Sticks

Arbonne Essentials Energy Fizz Sticks is an energy drink in stick form that you just add to water. It contains a blend of vitamins/minerals, with a couple of added ingredients such as caffeine in very low servings.

Arbonne Essentials Energy Sticks are available in four flavours: Citrus, Pomegranate, Blackberry, and Green Apple, which come in boxes containing 30 stick servings. Arbonne is a Direct Marketing company, which means that you need to find a distributor in order to buy. Alternatively, you can buy directly from the website by signing up as a distributor yourself.

What are the side effects of Arbonne Essentials Energy Fizz Sticks?

Side effects to Arbonne Essentials Energy Fizz Sticks seem unlikely. However, you should check with your doctor before use if you have an underlying medical condition or are taking prescription medication.

Do not take this supplement if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

How much does Arbonne Essentials Energy Fizz Sticks cost?

Arbonne Essentials Energy Fizz Sticks are very expensive.

The quoted price on the Arbonne USA site is $55.00 per 30 capsule box.

The price on the UK version of the Arbonne website is £47.00, and it costs Can$65.00 if you buy via Canada.

Arbonne is also sold via Amazon. We found 1 x 30 capsule box of Citrus Energy Fizz Sticks on sale from Amazon USA for $80.00.

On Amazon UK, you can find it on sale for around £36.00 a box depending on the seller.

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Arbonne Essentials Energy Fizz Sticks Key Features

Energy Fizz Sticks are designed to pep you up when your energy levels are flagging. This easy-to-use supplement is packaged in individual sticks that you just break open, add to water, and drink.

There is no particular weight loss benefit advertised – this supplement is all about increasing alertness and helping you get through the day, and the drink is described as a refreshing and bubbly.

Arbonne Essentials Energy Fizz Sticks Key Points

  • Each box contains 30 stick servings
  • Four flavours: Citrus, Pomegranate, Blackberry, and Green Apple
  • No money-back guarantee

Energy Fizz Sticks are available in a choice of four flavours; Citrus, Pomegranate, Blackberry, and Green Apple, the latest product in the range.

The flavour does not make much difference to the ingredients profile because all flavours contain much the same recipe. Ingredients include some B vitamins, trace mineral chromium, and electrolytes – potassium and sodium.

The drinks also contain caffeine, Taurine, Panax Ginseng, and an enzyme called CoQ10. Caffeine and Taurine are a well-known component of energy drinks that you can buy from the supermarket, where they are present at much stronger levels.

How to Take Arbonne Essentials Energy Fizz Sticks

  • Dissolve stick pack into 250 ml room temperature water
  • Take 2 sticks per day, as needed. Refrigerate once dissolved, if desired

Arbonne is a well known MLM company that sell a wide range of botanical supplements for skin care, beauty, hair, and nutrition, as well as weight loss supplements and anti-aging products.

The Essential range seems to be a separate category of products within the portfolio, but there is no real explanation of why some supplements are Essential and others are not! To be honest none of them seem very essential to us!

Arbonne Essentials Energy Fizz Sticks Concerns

  • There is positive feedback, but how can we trust that comments aren’t all left by Arbonne reps?
  • Why is this supplement so expensive?
  • Take as advised and your 30 sticks will only last 15 days!

Arbonne, like all Direct marketing companies, is somewhat controversial. This sales model relies on a network of home sellers/distributors who sell to a network of family and friends via product evenings or by using social media.

Anyone can sign up as an Arbonne distributor but be warned it is not cheap. And with an initial outlay of around $1500, Arbonne is one of the most expensive MLM s on the market. It is important to remember this when you are being pestered to buy Arbonne from a friend or colleague because he or she probably has a lot to lose, and could be desperate for your custom!

Check out our guide to MLM, direct selling, and pyramid selling to find out more.

What does Arbonne Essentials Energy Fizz Sticks claim to do?

The supplement is designed to pep you up!

“What a kickstarter! As a replacement for your morning coffee or for when you start to feel the afternoon sleepies, stir in a fizz stick to create a refreshing bubbly drink when you start to feel tired to temporarily help promote alertness.”

“Energy Fizz Sticks also enhance cognitive performance, help promote endurance, enhance motor performance, and help reduce fatigue.”

“Contains antioxidants and a botanical blend of green tea, guarana and ginseng, combined with B vitamins and chromium, to help boost energy.”

You are advised that you can use Energy Fizz Sticks in combination with other Arbonne supplements, such as Fit Chews or an Arbonne Protein Shake.

We covered Fit Chews in a previous review.

Does Arbonne Essentials Energy Fizz Sticks work?

No, we can’t see Energy Fizz Sticks having much effect upon your energy levels or vitality, although you may find you enjoy the drink.

The serving size of caffeine per stick is half as strong as you would obtain from your usual cup of coffee, and although there are additional ingredients, servings are also very low. For example, Panax Ginseng is taken by millions of people each day for its various benefits but in general, supplements start at 250mg for improving mental focus. Energy Fizz Sticks, again, is only half as strong as the average low strength ginseng supplement – some people take up to 4000mg a day with no particular side effects.

Energy Fizz Sticks does contain added vitamins and minerals which may be good for general health, but in our opinion, this supplement is an expensive way to take a vitamin supplement. And if you were looking for an energy lift, drinking a cup of coffee or having an energy drink is far more effective and also cheaper!

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Arbonne Essentials Energy Fizz Sticks Ingredients

This is the ingredients profile for the Citrus flavour. Blackberry, Pomegranate, and Green Apple appear to be the same apart from the flavouring.

Serving size is equal to one 5.7g stick.

Nutritional info:

  • Calories: 15
  • Total Carbohydrate: 4 g 1%†
  • Total Sugars: 2 g


  • Riboflavin (3 mg): Also known as vitamin B2 and important for many bodily functions including digestive health, skin, and more. Here at 231% of RDA.
  • Niacin (as niacinamide) (10 mg): Vitamin B 3 in the form of Niacinamide (there are two forms). It helps convert food into energy. In this form, it is useful for skin care. Here at 63% of RDA.
  • Vitamin B6 (as pyridoxine hydrochloride) (2 mg): Also known as Pyroxidine, B6 is important for the nervous system and brain health. Here at 118% of the RDA.
  • Vitamin B12 (as Methylcobalamin) (6 mcg): Vitamin B12 is essential to the body and is only obtainable by diet. It is present in animal-derived products such as meat, fish, and dairy, so a deficiency can be common in people with restrictive diets such as vegans. It is important for many purposes including brain function, healthy blood cells, and the nervous system. Here at 250% of RDA.
  • Pantothenic Acid (as d-calcium pantothenate) (5 mg): Also known as vitamin B5, this is the form of the vitamin which is most commonly used in supplements. Important for healthy skin and hair, pantothenic acid sometimes is taken to treat acne. 5mg is the full daily requirement.
  • Chromium (as chromium chloride) (60 mcg): Chromium is an essential trace mineral that helps the body manage insulin levels. This is usually in the form of Chromium Picolinate, but here it is as chromium chloride. There is no evidence of the best form of chloride to take. Here in excess of the RDA at 171%. Source
  • Sodium (as sodium carbonate and sodium bicarbonate) (280 mg): Same as the household cleaning products, both sodium carbonate and sodium bicarbonate have an alkaline effect in the body and can help conditions such as heartburn. Sodium is an electrolyte used by the body and necessary for numerous bodily functions. Here at 12% RDA.
  • Potassium (as potassium bicarbonate) (170 mg): Another alkaline mineral and electrolyte. Here at 4% of the RDA. Source
  • Caffeine (from guarana seed extract and green tea leaf extract) (55 mg): Caffeine is caffeine and it does not matter from where it is extracted. Here at the equivalent strength of about half a cup of instant coffee.
  • Taurine (as L-Taurine) (50 mg): Non-essential amino acid that can be produced in the human body, but is also obtainable in animal-derived products (dairy, meat, fish). It is important for heart health and the cardiovascular system. Taurine is a mainstay of energy drinks but the energy enhancing effects are unproven.
  • Panax ginseng root extract (100 mg): Panax Ginseng is a well known herbal extract used by millions of people every day. It works as an Adaptogen, meaning it generally improves feelings of wellness and helps the body manage stress and may have numerous other benefits, although scientists have not fully established how it works. Serving size here is low compared to most ginseng supplements on the market. Source
  • CoQ10 (50 mg): This is a substance similar to a vitamin that is found in every cell of your body, and is used to produce energy for its cell growth and maintenance. It is a natural antioxidant that is known to help recycle both vitamin C and vitamin E, and is very important for numerous functions. Serving size usually starts at 150mg so serving size is low.

Arbonne Essentials Energy Fizz Sticks Side Effects

Side effects seem unlikely. The ingredient profile looks very safe with most ingredients in low quantities, and although some of the vitamins exceed the RDA, side effects should not be an issue.

Caution: Not suitable for individuals under 18. Avoid if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Arbonne Essentials Energy Fizz Sticks Customer Feedback

We found a veritable love fest of positive reviews on a feedback site called Influenster! This looks convincing, but it is important to remember that Arbonne distributors are always quick to leave positive comments about the brand.

I cannot live without these. I’ve been a coffee junky since i was like, 12… My friend started selling Arbonne products so I bought off of her and will rebuy forever. These fizz sticks give you “clean” energy. REAL energy, focus and keeps you alert/not tired for 8 hours….

This customer discovered the Fizz Sticks while undertaking the Arbonne 30 Day Challenge,

I started the 30 Day challenge with Arbonne and when I found out that coffee was highly recommended to be eliminated from my every day diet, I didn’t think I was going to make it. I drink coffee every day, sometimes multiple times a day. But honestly, the fizz sticks are amazing!! I have one in the morning to substitute my coffee and I also have one in the afternoon, midday, just after lunch if I think I need a little extra…

One reader was interested in the supplement and asked,

Hi everyone! I’m wondering where do you guys buy these?

An Arbonne Rep was quick to answer,

Hi Lizzbeth, I’m an Arbonne rep, I can help you with that if you’d like

Arbonne Essentials Energy Fizz Sticks Money-Back Guarantee

There is no money-back guarantee with Energy Fizz Sticks.

Where To Buy Arbonne Essentials Energy Fizz Sticks

It is not that easy to buy Arbonne Essentials Energy Fizz Sticks. You cannot get it directly from the official website without going through the rigmarole of signing up to an account. The Arbonne approved method of buying is to buy through a distributor, but you should be able to find one of these on social media, especially Facebook.

Arbonne Essentials Energy Fizz Sticks are also on sale via Amazon (USA and UK sites).

Watchdog Verdict

We are not very impressed with Arbonne Essentials Energy Fizz Sticks. Although we like that this supplement looks safe and it probably tastes pleasant, this seems a very expensive way to take a vitamin supplement. We can’t see the point of replacing your usual cup of coffee which contains around 100mg of caffeine with a so-called energy drink which actually contains less! The other ingredients are similarly underpowered.

In our opinion, a better option would be to stick to your usual cup of tea or coffee and save your money. After all, you can always buy a reasonably priced vitamin/mineral supplement to support your health at a fraction of the cost of this supplement.

We don’t recommend Arbonne Energy Fizz Sticks to the Watchdog readers.

How does Arbonne Essentials Energy Fizz Sticks compare to Phentaslim?

Criteria Arbonne Essentials Energy Fizz Sticks Comparison Phentaslim comparison
Clinically Proven Ingredients
Side Effect Free
Positive Customer Reviews
24/7 Support
Money-back Guarantee

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