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Updated Jun 4, 2019.
Published Jul 22, 2018.

The marketing for Hourglass Fat Burner is very clever, but it also contains a brilliant set of ingredients to back it up. There are no proprietary blends, and all of the ingredients are known to be effective for speeding up metabolism and burning fat, with scientific studies to prove it. There is a generous money-back guarantee offered too. It also contains glucomannan, which is a proven appetite suppressant that we love to see on an ingredients list.


  • Very impressive and detailed website
  • All natural ingredients
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Contains ingredients that are known to be effective for fat burning


  • You need to double the recommended dose for glucomannan to be effective – can become pricey
Hourglass Fat Burner
Women, thanks to hormonal and metabolic reasons, generally find it more difficult to lose excess weight than men, so it is little wonder that there are various supplements and fat burners on the market designed for and marketed specifically to us. Hourglass Fat Burner, by Propura, is one of them.

The Hourglass Fat Burner differs from many female-targeted fat burner pills though. For starters, it isn’t all pink and girly. But does it actually help women to burn fat faster, or is it just a big marketing scam? We look at it in more detail below.

Hourglass Fat Burner Overview

What you need to know about Hourglass Fat Burner

Hourglass Fat Burner is a fat burning supplement that is designed to help women, especially female bodybuilders and athletes, to speed up their fat loss in a natural and safe way. Each bottle contains 90 capsules, which will provide a 30-day supply if taken as directed by the manufacturers – three a day with meals.

What are the side effects of Hourglass Fat Burner?

No side effects have been reported after taking this product. It doesn’t have anything unnatural in there, and there is no caffeine. Guarana is a mild stimulant though, so if taken too close to going to bed it may disrupt sleep cycles (it is recommended to leave at least five hours before sleeping).

How much does Hourglass Fat Burner cost?

We think that this is one of the downsides of the product, even though at first glance, the price is pretty good. A one-month supply is £30, two-month’s supply is £60, and three-month’s supply is £90, but contains one extra box for free. Shipping is free, and you are not tied into any auto-ship or contract. However, the amount of glucomannan included is only half of what has been proven to work. So you will have to double the recommended dose to get the effects from that particular ingredient, meaning you’ll be paying twice the original price.

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Hourglass Fat Burner Key Features

Hourglass Fat Burner is marketed as an ‘intelligent, hype-free women’s fat burner’, containing high quality and well-researched ingredients. It’s manufactured and sold by Propura, a UK and US-based supplement company. It contains only natural ingredients, and the only stimulant in the product is guarana. It is manufactured in facilities that have met the very high FDA and CGMP standards.

Hourglass Fat Burner Key Points

  • Manufactured by Propura Labs in the UK and USA
  • 90 capsules per bottle (30-day supply)
  • 90-day money-back guarantee

Propura have been in the supplement industry since 2013 and, rather than manufacture a big range of products, they’ve focused on getting a small range of supplements right. One of their biggest sellers is the Prime Male testosterone booster, which is endorsed by none other than Dolph Lundgren.

How to Take Hourglass Fat Burner

According to the website, these need to be taken three times a day with meals, and at least five hours before going to bed to avoid disruption to sleep patterns.

Hourglass Fat Burner Concerns:

  • Need to double the recommended dose for glucomannan to be effective – so each bottle only lasts for half the specified time

What does Hourglass Fat Burner claim to do?

The manufacturer of Hourglass Fat Burner claims the product is:

Designed for bodybuilders and athletes looking to speed up fat loss in a natural and safe way

They also claim that they have chosen the correct ingredients, types of those ingredients and dosage in order to achieve maximum efficiency without any nasty side effects.

Does Hourglass Fat Burner work?

In a nutshell, yes, the Hourglass Fat Burner will work. All of the ingredients are proven to be effective at increasing metabolism and burning fat, and have scientific studies to support them. The dosage is good and is what you need from a supplement of this type – it is burning fat around the clock. It is jam-packed with metabolism boosters and thermogenics, such as capsimax and green tea, which means you are burning fat whilst getting on with your day. It is made very clear that this is not a miracle product, that it needs to be consumed alongside a healthy diet and exercise. Glucomannan is also included as an appetite suppressant, but the dosage isn’t high enough to effective. You’ll have to take twice the recommended dose for this ingredient to work. Of course, doubling the dosage will also increase the amount of the other ingredients, which isn’t necessarily a good thing, particularly if you’re sensitive to stimulants.

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Hourglass Fat Burner Ingredients

  • Vitamin B6 (P5P) (4mg): This is a great ingredient. It helps the body to burn extra calories by turning glycogen into glucose, which is an efficient energy source. It also helps to improve thyroid function, which in turn, helps to speed up metabolism and balances out hormones, which can reduce food cravings.
  • Vitamin B12 (as methylcobalamin) (10mcg): This is another essential B vitamin. It promotes faster metabolism and muscle growth, and helps to carry extra oxygen around the body, which is essential when dieting and exercising.
  • Vitamin D3 (100Iu): Low levels of this vitamin can increase levels of the parathyroid hormone and cortisol levels, which then causes the body to collect and store more fat rather than burning it.
  • Glucomannan (1500mg): This is probably the best ingredient in here – it’s a natural appetite suppressant. It’s incredibly rich in fiber and absorbs water like a sponge, making it expand in your stomach and making you feel full. The effective dosage is 3000mg per day though, so this is only half the required strength. Source
  • Capsimax (100mg): This is a form of concentrated capsaicin, which is what gives chili peppers their heat. In this form, it will avoid the gastro and oral irritation associated with capsaicin. It’s a thermogenic, which will give you a boost in body temperature. In turn, that will boost your metabolism as your body has to work harder to regulate its temperature to cool itself back down, which makes your body burn more calories in the process.
  • Green tea extract (500mg): This has been used for thousands of years as a natural fat burner, and like capsimax, it’s a thermogenic. It’s a good source of catcheins, which help to increase metabolism by raising levels of norepinephrine, which heats your body up.
  • Guarana (100mg): This is a stimulant, which works a little like caffeine. It helps to suppress your appetite. It’s a really sensible dosage, so you aren’t going to get the jitters or crashes, and it’s safe to take alongside your morning coffee.
  • Chromium (as picolinate) (125mcg): This helps to regulate blood sugar levels, stopping them from dropping and reducing the urge to snack.
  • Bioperine (5mg): This is a patented form of black pepper extract, which is designed to help enhance the absorption of nutrients.

Hourglass Fat Burner Side Effects

None have been listed or reported. There is guarana in there, which is a stimulant, but the dosage is low enough that it shouldn’t cause any issues. However, it is recommended that it is taken at least five hours before bed to avoid disrupting sleep cycles.


As with all supplements, take advice from a doctor if you are pregnant, breastfeeding or taking prescription medication, and do not take alongside other supplements containing stimulants.

Hourglass Fat Burner Customer Feedback

As it is only available on the official website, the only reviews and testimonials are on there.

Hourglass Fat Burner Money-Back Guarantee

Hourglass Fat Burner offers a 100%, 90-day money-back guarantee.

Where To Buy Hourglass Fat Burner

Hourglass Fat Burner is only available on the official website.

Watchdog Verdict

We really didn’t want to like this. Despite the website being very impressive, in places it can be quite patronising, and as a woman, I don’t want to feel patronised. I don’t want things dumbed down, especially if I am an athlete or bodybuilder wanting to shed a bit of body fat.

That aside though, it’s very difficult to find anything negative to say about the product. The marketing is extremely clever, but more importantly, it contains a very transparent set of ingredients, with the amounts clearly listed. The ingredients have all been shown to be effective for speeding up metabolism and burning fat, with scientific studies backing them up, and there is nothing in here that is being used as a filler or will hurt the consumer in any way.

The company manufacturing this product, Propura, have an excellent reputation in the industry, most notably for their Prime Male testosterone booster, which has been endorsed by celebrities such as Dolph Lundgren.

They’re very clear to state that this is not going to have an immediate, magical effect. Many products like this are marketed as a quick-fix, and they don’t work like that. It’s refreshing to see a company being honest about how it works.

Our only real qualm is the lack of glucomannan included in the formula. For this ingredient to be effective you have to take 3000mg per day, which is twice the dose that is recommended here. So you’ll have to double the amount you spend to get the full benefit.

With all of this in mind, we think that Hourglass Fat Burner might be worth a try.

How does Hourglass Fat Burner compare to Phentaslim?

Criteria Hourglass Fat Burner Comparison Phentaslim comparison
Clinically Proven Ingredients
Side Effect Free
Positive Customer Reviews
24/7 Support
Money-back Guarantee

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  1. Really suppresses appetite. Can’t say about weight loss yet, as I haven’t taken it long enough. I do combine with healthy eating & exercise though.

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