Legion Forge

Updated May 23, 2019.
Published May 22, 2019.

Legion Forge is a pre-workout fat burner that is designed to help you lose fat, preserve muscle, and maintain training intensity and mental sharpness. It is only suitable for use if you always workout on an empty stomach, so this supplement may not be for everyone. Founded by Mike Matthews, Legion Forge appears to be effective and may help support fat loss and recovery as claimed. We investigate the ingredients, side effects, and where you can buy Legion Forge.


  • May help support a fasted workout as claimed
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Some good customer feedback


  • High risk of side effects
  • You may have to take a lot of capsules each day
  • Not suitable for all users
Legion Forge
Legion Forge is a pre-workout fat burner that may help you lose belly fat and love handles, and other problem fatty areas. Unlike most fat burners, it does not contain caffeine but it does contain the stimulant Yohimbe. So, does it work and more importantly, is it safe? We find out.

Legion Athletics is a supplements company based in the USA. It was founded by Mike Matthews, a bodybuilder and author who writes about health and nutrition. The company seems reputable, and Legion supplements feature clear ingredients information and a money-back guarantee.

Legion Forge Overview

What you need to know about Legion Forge

Legion Forge is only suitable for use if you always workout on an empty stomach, and although fasting exercise may be effective, it is not always possible for everyone to fit this into their usual routine. If you do not exercise while fasting, Legion Forge is not the supplement for you.

Each bottle contains 180 capsules which are the equivalent of 45 full 4 capsule servings, and you need to work out your optimum serving size based on your body weight.

Legion Forge may be effective for some users but be warned, that this supplement does contain Yohimbine and many customers have experienced side effects despite following the product directions.

What are the side effects of Legion Forge?

There are a lot of reported side effects from customers. The main problem with this supplement is the Yohimbine content and side effects may include vomiting, nausea, increased blood pressure, shaking, pounding heart sensation, headaches, cold shakes, upset stomach, jitteriness, shakiness, body chills, and insomnia.

Other side effects may include panic attacks, aches and pains, mood swings, diarrhoea, blurred vision, and chest pains.

The product information provides the following warning,

“Consult your physician prior to use if you have an underlying medical condition or are being treated for high blood pressure, heart, kidney, or thyroid, anxiety, depression, seizure disorder, or stroke.”

Do not use while pregnant or breastfeeding, and speak to your doctor before use if you are taking prescription medication because this supplement could cause interactions.

How much does Legion Forge cost?

Legion Forge is quite expensive. Buy directly from the Legion website and it costs $28.00 for 180 capsules. Serving size is calculated at 4 capsules, but the amount that you take will depend upon your body weight and tolerance.

Shipping is free to US customers, but international shipping does not seem to be available.

You can also find Legion Forge on sale on Amazon for $33.22.

At the time of writing, is not available directly to UK customers.

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Legion Forge Key Features

Legion Forge is a pre-workout supplement that you are advised to take on an empty stomach before a workout. This is because, according to Mike Matthews, training on an empty stomach is a powerful way to increase fat burning because when your insulin levels are low, your body is able to burn more fat than would otherwise be possible if your digestion and insulin were still processing your last meal.

Legion Forge Key Points

  • Base serving size is equal to 4 capsules
  • Each bottle contains 180 capsules
  • 100% money-back guarantee on offer – just contact the company and ask
  • Legion phone number: 855-645-5305

As ever with Legion supplements, Mike offers plenty of advice on the best way to use them and is a fitness guru and author who knows his stuff. As he says, improving your body comes down to nutrition and training, and the aim of any supplement is to just make the process easier.

How to Take Legion Forge

  • Take one capsule per 50 pounds of body weight 15 minutes prior to training
  • If well tolerated, add one capsule per use, until reaching one capsule per 25 pounds of body weight

Legion Forge does not contain caffeine because according to Mike, most people prefer to obtain their caffeine from other sources such as coffee. However, it does contain the stimulant Yohimbe which will not suit everyone because it is linked with some pretty nasty side effects, although it can be effective.

Other ingredients are calcium, important for healthy bone structure, a compound called Beta-Hydroxy Beta-Methylbutyrate (HMB) and Citicoline, a chemical naturally present in the brain that may improve focus. Check out the ingredients section to find out more.

Legion Forge Concerns

  • High risk of side effects
  • You may be tempted to overdo the serving size
  • Depending upon your body weight, you may need to take multiple capsules

The Legion Athletics website is clearly set out and informative. You can contact the company by phone on 855-645-5305, and sign up to the site on Team Legion for emails and special offers. This is also the number to call if you want to claim the guarantee.

Legion supplements are made in the USA and are on sale via the official website, as well as other outlets including Amazon.

We have covered Legion supplements in previous reviews, including Legion Phoenix – an alternative fat burner to this one.

What does Legion Forge claim to do?

According to the product information,

“FORGE is a pre-workout fat burner that helps you lose fat—and “stubborn” fat in particular—faster, preserve muscle, and maintain training intensity and mental sharpness.”

It is designed to be used while exercising on an empty stomach and offers three key benefits:

  • To maximize the amount of fat you lose while training on an empty stomach.
  • To minimize the amount of muscle you lose while training in this state
  • To help you maintain intensity and focus in your workouts, which can wane when “training on empty”

As the product information explains, although the fat loss may be improved by training on an empty stomach, it can cause muscle loss over time because your body cannot repair. In addition, you are unlikely to be able to function at full strength. This supplement is supposed to remedy these problems.

Does Legion Forge work?

We think it probably will work for some users, but not all. First up, you are only supposed to take Legion Forge if you train on an empty stomach.

And, although many people believe that training on an empty stomach gets the best results, not everyone can fit this into their schedule. It is important to remember that the training is the crucial point, not the time that you do it. Plenty of people work out later in the day when they have already eaten, but if this is you, this supplement may not be suitable.

Legion Forge may help support fat loss and recovery as claimed.

Yohimbe has undergone clinical testing and does stimulate the sympathetic nervous system (the flight or fight response) which can increase physical performance and, according to research, works best for fat burning when insulin levels are low (i.e. in a fasted state).

HMP is known to improve muscle recovery, and taking a calcium supplement can help maintain healthy bone mass.

Citicoline may help improve mood if it works, and although most of the research into this ingredient has been carried out on elderly people and stroke victims, some people may notice benefits.

The problem with this supplement is that you should follow the directions and only use on an empty stomach, and in addition, side effects to Yohimbe are an issue for some users.

Although the serving size can be adjusted according to your weight, many customers have experienced a wide range of side effects.

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Legion Forge Ingredients

Each serving is equal to 4 capsules, but serving size will vary from person to person. You are advised to take one capsule per 50lbs of your body weight, building up a tolerance until you can take one capsule per 25lbs of bodyweight.

Ingredients information here relates to 4-capsule serving size.

  • Calcium (338mg): Calcium is a mineral that is crucially important for healthy bones, teeth, heart, muscles, and nerves, and although it is easily obtainable by diet; dairy, fish, green veg, many people in the USA do not get enough in their diet. Vegans can be especially at risk. The RDA is 1000mg per day for men, and women rising to 1200mg a day for the over 50s. The serving size here is 34% of RDA. The daily upper limit for the under 50 age group is 2500mg (2000mg for the over 50s), so within safe guidelines here.
  • Yohimbine (Yohimbe) (10mg): Yohimbe is a tree which grows in Africa. The bark contains a chemical called Yohimbine which is known as an aphrodisiac, as well as often taken for erectile dysfunction, fat burning, and more. How it works for fat burning is that it raises the stress hormone Norepinephrine which, in turn, causes the body to break down fat cells. In simple terms, Yohimbe puts your body into stress mode and because this causes the metabolism to rise, it can increase the rate at which your body burns fat. There is some good evidence for this but over time, these effects are seen to drop off so its long term value may be overrated. Yohimbe is known for a wide range of side effects, so it is very important to use with extreme caution should you decide to take it.
  • Beta-Hydroxy Beta-Methylbutyrate (HMB) (2.5g): HMB is a by-product (metabolite) of the amino acid Leucine, and it seems to reduce the breakdown of muscle protein. So, the idea here is to prevent muscle wastage caused by exercising while fasting, as well as improve and aid recovery. According to clinical testing, it has a notable positive effect on muscle damage. HMB is more effective than simply taking Leucine because it is more powerful at lower serving sizes. Serving size is usually within 1g to 3g, which should be taken 30 minutes before workout. Source
  • Citicoline (250mg): Also known as Cytidine diphosphate choline (CDP Choline), Citicoline is a chemical made in the brain that increases Phosphatidylserine, which is important for brain function such as alertness, focus, and memory. It was originally developed for stroke victims and may improve recovery. In addition, it may help improve memory loss in the elderly. Some studies have shown that Citicoline increases dopamine receptor densities in the brain which can make it easier to focus, while also having a positive effect on factor related to mood. Source

Legion Forge Side Effects

The main problem with this supplement is the Yohimbine content, and many customers have reported side effects including:

  • Vomiting
  • Nausea
  • Increased blood pressure
  • Shaking
  • Pounding heart sensation
  • Headaches
  • Cold shakes
  • Upset stomach
  • Jitteriness
  • Shakiness
  • Body chills
  • Insomnia

Other side effects to the ingredients, in general, may include:

  • Panic attacks
  • Aches and pains
  • Mood swings
  • Diarrhoea
  • Blurred vision
  • Chest pains
  • Insomnia
Caution: Not suitable for individuals under 18. Avoid if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Consult your physician prior to use if you have an underlying medical condition or are being treated for high blood pressure, heart, kidney, or thyroid, anxiety, depression, seizure disorder, or stroke. Ask advice from your health care professional if you are taking prescription medication in case of interactions. Do not exceed recommended serving size and discontinue in the case of side effects seeking medical advice if necessary.

Legion Forge Customer Feedback

There are hundreds of customer reviews posted on Amazon, so we decided to use these for the review.

There are numerous positive customer comments,

I have used this while cutting and fasted workouts/cardio. Gives great energy burns fast and saves muscle. Love mike Matthews and these products are the best

Many customers make the point that you have to use this supplement with fasted training,

I started getting annoyed at some of the people that say they didn’t notice a different, but not once did I read that they were doing fasted training. Yes you have to use this in conjunction with fasted training, or else it will not work. If you can’t do fasted training, skip this supplement because then it’s pointless. I trained first thing in the morning in a fasted state and I started noticing the different within 2 weeks.

Definitely needed in the fasted state to help preserve the muscle.

One customer pointed out the need to take the correct serving for weight,

I had to take a lot but if you are willing to take the big dose it does help.

Some customers have experienced side effects,

No good effects that I noticed, and made me barf. No thanks.

This customer had to see his doctor,

Built up to the max dosage and had a severe reaction with vomiting, headache, and chills. Doctors associated the only change was Forge.

Please be very careful with this. I took first dose this morning; I bought from Amazon a few days ago. I had so much shaking I could barely write all morning, and my heart is still pounding. I took it about 7am, it is 3:30pm now. I just checked my blood pressure and it is scary high…

Upset stomach and gave me horrible body chills on Day 1 on only 1/2 of the recommended dose. Do not recommend.

Many customers have experienced similar reactions despite following the directions.

Legion Forge Money-Back Guarantee

There is a 100% money-back guarantee on offer, whether you buy directly from the Legion Athletic website or via Amazon and it looks very good.

Here’s what the company has to say about it,

“If you order any of our supplements for the first time and don’t like it, you can keep it. Just notify us and we’ll give you a full refund on the spot. No complicated forms and no return necessary.

To protect ourselves from fraud, the It’s-On-Us guarantee is only valid for first time purchases of a product, and redeemable up to three months after purchase.

If you bought more than one bottle of a supplement on your first purchase and don’t like it, we would ask that you send the unopened bottles back to us for a refund because we can put them back into our sellable inventory.”

Where To Buy Legion Forge

You can buy legion Forge directly from the official Legion website. It is also on sale via Amazon and eBay.

At the time of writing, Legion Forge is not available to UK customers.

Watchdog Verdict

There are some good points about Legion Forge. This supplement looks to be effective for the target user and although it contains Yohimbine, you can easily reduce the serving by simply taking fewer pills than the 4-capsule serving size. We like that it is made in the USA and comes with a 100% money-back guarantee, and we do think that Mike Matthews offers helpful advice and knows what he is talking about. Mike Matthews seems to be a genuine person selling a supplement range that will probably work, and that he believes in. Yay Mike!

Our main reservation about Legion Forge is the Yohimbine content. Although it is easy to belittle health concerns on the grounds that everything is dangerous if you take too much of it, this supplement has caused many of the usual Yohimbine side effects in many users.

In truth, we are not sure than any level of Yohimbe is safe for consumption, so we cannot recommend Legion Forge to the Watchdog readers.

How does Legion Forge compare to Phentaslim?

Criteria Legion Forge Comparison Phentaslim comparison
Clinically Proven Ingredients
Side Effect Free
Positive Customer Reviews
24/7 Support
Money-back Guarantee

Disclaimer: Our reviews and investigations are based on extensive research from the information publicly available to us and consumers at the time of first publishing the post. Information is based on our personal opinion and whilst we endeavour to ensure information is up-to-date, manufacturers do from time to time change their products and future research may disagree with our findings. If you feel any of the information is inaccurate, please contact us and we will review the information provided.

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