Plexus Worldwide Diet Investigation

Plexus Worldwide is best known for the Pink Drink weight loss drink called Plexus Slim but there are numerous other weight loss supplements in the Plexus range such as ProBio5, Boost and Plexus 96.

If you look at customer comments and reviews for Plexus products, these supplements seem almost miraculous. Dig a little deeper and it seems to be a different story.

So what is the truth about Plexus? We take a look to find out.

Plexus Worldwide is a Multi Level Marketing company based in Scottsdale Arizona. It was launched in 2006 and by 2015 had a revenue of over 350 million dollars and is still growing.

Plexus Worldwide is headed by CEO Tarl Robinson but key to this business success is the team of Ambassadors, as the Plexus distributors are called. These are ordinary people who have signed up to sell Plexus products to friends and family connections. You probably have a Plexus Ambassador in your neighbourhood, workplace or just know of someone selling Plexus.

Because Plexus is marketed and advertised by word of mouth from ordinary people such as friends and family, the things that these people say we tend to believe. So if a friend tells you that Plexus Slim works, you believe it. In addition, it can be hard to say no if you are asked to buy.


MLM sometimes called Direct Marketing or Network or Direct Selling is a scheme where ordinary people rather than retailers, join a company (paying a fee), distribute, and sell the products they buy themselves.

These distributors also encourage others to sign up as sellers as part of their “downline” and get paid the a percentage of the joining fee and also when their downline members make sales.

MLM moves into Pyramid selling, which is illegal when the only way distributors can make money is by signing up new sellers. This can happen if the market becomes saturated by lots of sellers and no buyers!

MLM is also often accused of using brainwashing techniques because distributors can become very fixated by the imagined benefits and advantages of their products.

All that said some people enjoy the challenge and extra cash that getting involved with MLM can bring.

See our short video about MLM and Pyramid Selling to find out more.


Plexus Ambassadors are well known for being very passionate about Plexus and that’s putting it nicely. If you take a look at Facebook, you will see literally hundreds of Plexus Ambassadors extolling the health benefits of the various products. Some people say that Plexus Ambassadors are brainwashed. Others say it is similar to being in a cult ( which is much the same thing).

Go on Amazon where some of the Plexus supplements are sold, and the Ambassadors all pitch in, saying how great Plexus is and offering advice and discount prices to the world.

Many if not all Plexus Ambassadors have websites where they offer advice about Plexus, talk about their families and sell Plexus products, generally described as “life changing”.

Although Plexus is only supposed to help you lose weight, many Plexus Ambassadors claim that the supplements are good for numerous medical conditions such as arthritis and even cancer.

This leads us on to the …..Pink Drink…


Plexus Slim AKA The Pink Drink is the Plexus flagship product. It is berry flavour, pink (although this is down to some beetroot colouring rather than fruit), and according to its fans has miraculous benefits for health and weight loss.

We have seen claims that the Pink Drink cures exezma, arthritis, increases energy levels and much more.

However, there is very little in this drink that will have any real effect. The ingredients are Garcinia Cambogia and Green Coffee Bean Extract. There is also some Alpha lipoic acid an amino acid that may help reduce cholesterol and there is trace mineral chromium.

We have seen this combination of ingredients many times before in numerous weight loss supplements and it is unlikely to do anything at all.

Both Garcinia and Green Coffee Bean Extract lack much evidence. And leave the hype of the Ambassadors and the pink colour aside, and you have a pretty indifferent looking supplement.

However, the Pink Drink has really captured the imagination so you would expect there to be some pretty powerful information about its benefits on the Plexus website.

Not so. If you go to the Plexus Worldwide website, you will see that the focus of the company is all about the money you can make and the great opportunity it is if you sign up as an Ambassador.

It seems that people just take that the Pink Drink is great without looking into the ingredients list or what it will actually do.

We cannot see it doing anything much at all.


Yes, there is a whole range of Plexus weight loss supplements and unsurprisingly you are encouraged to take combinations of products.

According to some Plexus Watchers, when the company started up, the Pink Drink AKA Plexus Slim was considered sufficient to take on its own.

These days you are recommended to combine it with something else such as the Plexus Accelerator Plus, a fat burner that is high in stimulants and designed to increase the speed of the metabolism.

Accelerator Plus was banned in Australia for containing the undisclosed banned ingredient DMAA (1,3-dimethylamylamine). Presumably, DMAA was also present in the products sold in the USA.

Alternatively, you can take the Pink Drink with Plexus Block – purportedly a carb and starch blocker that is supposed to prevent some of the foods that you eat from being absorbed by your body.

You can also combine Plexus Slim with Boost – an appetite suppressant based on cactus extract Caralluma Fimbriata which bizarrely also contains dangerously high levels of chromium.

There are other supplements with specific functions too such as ProBio5 – a probiotic supplement, BioCleanse – a detox supplement and Plexus 96 – a protein Shake.


It is generally not safe to take lots of products in combination. And with the issues of the banned DMAA showing up in clinical testing, despite not being on the ingredients list, we do not altogether trust Plexus and the safety of their supplements. After all how can you judge that something is safe if you do not know what it is you are taking?

Many customers have experienced serious side effects from Plexus supplements. You have to search for negative comments but they are out there and not as easy to find as the “I love Plexus” variety of comment.

These are just some of the side effects, which have been reported by genuine customers following taking individual or a combination of Plexus supplements.

  • Heartburn
  • Upset stomach
  • Abdominal pain
  • Nervousness
  • Anxiety
  • Nausea
  • Constant headache
  • Dizziness
  • Dull chest pain
  • Stomach pains
  • Constipation
  • Shakiness
  • Increased heart rate

However, all Plexus supplements are marketed as being good for health and if anyone complains of side effects, the Plexus Ambassadors usually offer convincing sounding explanations such as:

The upset stomach is something that may happen when you first start taking it and then lessen until you don’t experience it anymore.

This may be true but do you really want to take medical advice from someone who has no medical training and just wants you to buy more products?



The Plexus Ambassadors make some jaw droppingly massive claims on Facebook about Plexus.

One Ambassador reported,

Our Tri Plex Combo has changed my life with the perfect blend of minerals and nutrients that my body was lacking which contributed to ALL of my auto immune diseases. …not one flare up of any since I took that leap of faith…

Another Ambassador explained how Plexus could help just about everything…

Plexus Products are for overall health not just weight loss….

Named benefits include,

Breast health, Joint Soreness, Digestive Health, Headaches, Nerve damage, Chronic Pain, Neck Pain…the list goes on.

If Plexus really could do any of these things, we should be using it in our hospitals!

There is also a lot of fake science about.

One Plexus seller, displaying a rather gruesome picture of shrimps and cockroaches, said that these creatures were the same as the bacteria in your gut and that the Plexus Probiotic (ProBio5) would kill the “corrosive host” (presumably the cockroach) with its antifungal action.

CEO Tarl Robinson received a warning from the FDA for making false claims on the Plexus website and saying that Plexus supplements can treat medical conditions. He was forced to take action and change some of his words. One statement that the FDA pulled him up on was:

Why do you need Plexus Bio-Cleanse? Many people are in a low oxygen/toxic state…viruses, bacteria, fungi, and other pathogenic microbes thrive in this condition, and can lead to disease such as flu, Candida, chronic fatigue, etc. Plexus Bio-Cleanse can increase the oxygen levels around these microbes, causing them to die due to their high-oxygenated environment.

These days it seems that he doesn’t have to bother printing this nonsense on his website. Because the Plexus Ambassadors make all the wild claims for him!


Many people believe that Plexus is nothing more than a scam.

Although the Ambassadors are extremely enthusiastic about all Plexus products, this view does not seem to be shared by all the people actually paying for and using these supplements.

In addition there are a lot of disgruntled ex ambassadors out there as well as people who have experienced side effects, found that the supplements don’t work, those who have tried to claim a refund and more.

This woman used to be an Ambassador,

Plexus not only didn’t work for me and several of my customers, but in fact actually cause weight gain instead of loss. Even worse after I had cancelled my auto shipment, they charged my credit card anyway…
Warning warning warning to all stay away from plexus it’s just another scam!!!

She continues,

Sorry to all my friends are out there pushing Plexus. But it’s about to go down.

This may be wishful thinking on her part.


Despite negative comments and the calls of fraud, Plexus Worldwide looks like a thriving and successful business operation according to an article published in Direct Selling News – a trade paper for MLM businesses.

Plexus has recently acquired a new $11.5 Million corporate office building and are looking to expanding the network of ambassadors worldwide.

According to the leadership team, Plexus are here to stay and hope to be hitting the $1 billion mark of annual sales within the next few years.

According to Tarl Robinson, the success comes down to the success of their business model.

He says,

For Plexus, our ‘why’ is our love for network marketing and what we think it offers for consumers, for entrepreneurs and for people just trying to find a little something extra in life.

Throughout the article, the supplements themselves are never mentioned.


Although Plexus Worldwide looks like a financially successful company, we are not convinced by the quality of the supplements they sell or by their moral compass. If they are getting rich this is probably down to the expensive and overpriced products they sell as well as the joining fees for all those ambassadors and monthly auto shipping agreements that are impossible to cancel.

We think some people would say ANYTHING to get a sale and some of the claims made by the Plexus Ambassadors are ludicrous. Where are they getting this information from? These supplements will not physically make you better or cure you of diseases and medical conditions. They are supposed to help you lose weight and in our opinion, it is very unlikely that they will even do that.

We would not go as far to call Plexus a scam. It is not a scam and many people are happy being involved as Ambassadors. However we would never recommend anyone to take Plexus supplements.

In our opinion Plexus is not much good, potentially dangerous and massively overpriced.

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  1. After taking Plexus products, I have had MAJOR health issues! I was on the drink mix, probiotic, vita,in, and biocleanse. After 3 weeks, I suffered totally blocked bowel. Not constipation but twisted blockage. I spent 5 days in 2 different hospitals after 3 different E.R. visits. No surgery required. Then it was discovered my thyroid was totally nuts. Had been normal with medication for 10 years. After this my TSH levels maxed out then plummeted. Scale goes from .4 to 4.5. Mine has always stayed around 2. It jumped to 4.3 then 6 weeks later is .38. I suspect both issues are side effects of Plexus. I wish I cud find more info on long term side effects. I hope to put this all behind me. It’s not over yet. I know I’m not the only one!

  2. Is there ANYTHING about Plexus that’s trustworthy!!?? I take a good amt of meds for medical conditions & to tell u the truth, I’d rather survive my conditions from taking my meds then have Plexus side effects that could make matters potentially worse….??

  3. I esd a skeptic intik they I had many hospital visits and the research / testson my body showed that the dpplememts were doing amazing things on my organs. The hospital prescribed tgsy I continue taking the supplements with their research from their chemist. It was prescribed by theprofessionals.

  4. Was on the phone twice for one hour each time to try to get this nightmare autoship cancelled. Was disconnected both times. Finally had to dispute the charges through my credit card company. I tell everyone I know to stay away from this company! Customer Service is a joke

  5. Just to clarify a couple of points.
    1.) You are being just as disingenuous as those you accuse when you use biased words like ‘scheme’ for a business that is operating under the guise of the Direct Selling Association and in compliance with the Federal Trade Commission.

    2.)You infer that Plexus has fallen into dire straits with the assertion “MLM moves into Pyramid selling, which is illegal when the only way distributors can make money is by signing up new sellers.”, without stating that such conditions do not actually exist for Plexus.

    * Recruiting ambassadors is not the only way to make money. Over 2/3 of Plexus product users are Customers, not ambassadors. And 82% of ambassadors successfully sell the products without ever recruiting another ambassador.

    3.) You assert “distributors also encourage others to sign up as sellers as part of their “downline” and get paid the a percentage of the joining fee…”

    * None of the $34.95 to enroll as a wholesale ordering distributor (ambassador) goes to other ambassadors. Ambassadors make $0.00 from the sign-up fee. The fee goes directly to the company, and provides new ambassadors access to a professionally developed replicated website for full visibility and management of one’s Plexus business (Including product volume, commissionable sales, and myriad high resolution, COMPLIANT graphics for use on social media).

    3.) FDA and FTC guidelines are very clear, and while many people know what they should not be saying and doing, some still do so… an integrity issue in ANY business, whether MLM or otherwise. Most ambassadors I’ve met want to do the right thing, and want to build their business in the most reputable and compliant way.

  6. I took Plexus faithfully for about a year before I gave up, I tried again recently but found nothing to bring me back. I took the BioCleanse, the ProBio and Slim. The original Slim didn’t do anything for me. The new “improved” Slim gave me the shakes and I felt like my blood sugar was dropping low. Don’t ever take the Edge product, that left me with a racing heart beat and feeling like I was going to pass out. It was scary. I will not take the remainder of my drink and supplements as I find they don’t work and I’ve had some bad side effects. One of the supplements also gave me bad diarrhea.

    1. Funny u mention diarrhea. I’ve been taking the Triplex religiously since Aug 7, and I’ve had nothing but diarrhea. I was led to believe this is normal for flushing out toxins. I take a buttload of medicines for heart, hbp & diabetes & reading this article scares me that maybe I shouldn’t be taking it & save the crazy amt of $ I have to pay to have the products….?

  7. Apparently you have not read Plexus disclaimer regarding income. They make no guarantees or projections of income as such representations may be misleading. The ambassadors success depends on effort, commitment, skill and leadership abilities and how effectively these qualities are exercised by the ambassador. Your statement regarding how the focus of Plexus is all about the money you can make is 100% false.

    1. Michael, please remember to let everyone here know that you are an active ambassador. Now, let’s focus in on your statement: “Your statement regarding how the focus of Plexus is all about the money you can make is 100% false.”

      Son, I’m just going to drop the little marketing push they made a while back on you. “Plexus Freedom”. Just go Google that phrase and tell me that Plexus isn’t focused on trying to recruit others with claims of making big bank. The top earning Double-Diamond crazy from the McKinney, Texas area comes up at the top of the list with that search and please do your research on her wild claims of making boatloads of money through Plexus.

  8. Keep in mind, not one single Plexus product has ever been the subject of a clinical trial with published peer-reviewed studies. Plexus has never disclosed the source of where their ingredients come from. Plexus has never submitted their products to a 3rd party quality control test. Lead was discovered in their products. DMAA was found in their products. This sham company allows “ambassadors” to make claims about this product that are against rules specified in their ambassador agreements. This stuff is poison and the people making claims about cures and remedies are doing so to make a buck. Plexus is a cult and what is the most shameful are the ambassadors who recommend giving this garbage to children.

  9. Thank you. I have several FB friends who are on the Plexus Bandwagon.
    The FB posts have become downright abusive, because the market is heavily saturated with Ambassadors now, and the customers have dried up.
    The online “Animal Rescue” network was invaded by one woman with credibility in rescue and an assertive personality.
    Before I knew it, most of these women (and some men) were taking the Pink Drink and posting like mad about it’s magical powers.
    I’m not interested at all, and have ignored the private messages and the beseeching of the FB posts, but wow, have they turned UGLY.
    Now they start out with things like “SHAME ON THOSE WHO TRIED PLEXUS AND SAY IT IS NOT FOR THEM”
    It lists symptoms that the medical field would say are not just “side effects” but actual adverse reactions to this product.
    Racing heart, polyuria, itching and swelling of lips and face.
    And they are threatening to delete anyone who has not yet taken their Pink Drink Challenge.
    Saying things that are downright cruel to their FB friends, having tantrums over how many people still haven’t taken the Pink Drink Challenge. “if you were my real friend, you’d join me”.
    The desperation is shocking, and the escalation from aggressive sales tactics to downright abusive ones makes perfect sense from the outside, looking in.
    It’s like a cult, where if you aren’t on the bandwagon, you are letting yourself and others down.

    It’s VERY hard to find articles like this on the internet, due to the high level of, “WHY YOU SHOULD AVOID PLEXUS” click bait stuff where it’s really just a video about how you have NO reason to avoid Plexus.
    Thank you for this well-researched and timely article.
    I hope it’s not buried in testimonials any time soon.

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